Phu Hung hamlet, Ham My Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province
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Binh Thuan: Replicating effective cooperative economic models

21/07/2018 304 views
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After 15 years of implementing Resolution No. 13, the Party Committees, authorities at all levels and branches in the province have paid attention to leading and directing the implementation of the model expansion and collective economic development in line with the characteristics of the province. Socio-economic situation of each locality.
The whole province now has more than 5,170 cooperative groups, including over 4,940 groups registered to operate under the Government's Decree No. 151, attracting over 165,600 participants, an increase of 19.32% compared to 2003. By the end of the year In 2018, the whole province had 183 cooperatives (cooperatives), an increase of 22.8% compared to 2003 with more than 47,800 members. After 15 years, a new model of cooperatives under the Law on Cooperatives in 2012 in the province was initially formed, gradually replacing the old models of cooperatives. Many cooperatives operate effectively, promoting local advantages. Cooperatives have gradually strengthened, renovated and improved the quality of activities, contributing to socio-economic development. Cooperatives have focused on renovating management methods, thoroughly saving costs, ensuring product price stability, strengthening the analysis of market needs, actively joint ventures, cooperating with cooperatives. , businesses inside and outside the province provide input services and product consumption for people.
Besides, there have been many outstanding cooperatives and cooperatives models, typical with new ways such as building large intensive fields and applying synchronous mechanization in chain-linked rice production and farming under organic direction. Although the average yield of 4.2 tons / ha is lower than that of mass production by 0.8 tons / ha, the price of organic rice is higher from 4,000 to 5,000 VND / kg, the profit increased by over 27%, especially 100% of the output is covered by the enterprise. In addition, the model uses compact lamps (18 - 20W) to replace hair bulbs (60-75W) for dragon fruits to bloom in off-season, contributing to reducing electricity consumption, increasing incomes and increasing bar area. Long been given a light.
In particular, the whole province now has 2 cooperatives building a cooperative model associated with the value chain of Cong Thanh Cooperative (Duc Linh district) linking production and consumption of sticky rice with an area of ​​1,500 hectares with cooperatives and farmers in the province. Duc Linh district, Tanh Linh district and Mui Ne Seafood Cooperative (Phan Thiet City) link some farmers who produce traditional fish sauce and consume seafood products. 2 The cooperative operates quite effectively and is appreciated.
In order to create a stable output for dragon fruit advantage products, the Union of Cooperatives in cooperation with the People's Committee, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Farmers Association of Ham Thuan Bac district organized a conference to sign principle contracts. between 6 dragon fruit cooperatives in the district with enterprises supplying input materials and consuming dragon fruit products according to the official mode.
At the 15-year review meeting for implementation of Resolution No. 13 of the Party Central Committee (Session IX) on the continuation of innovation, development and improvement of collective economic efficiency, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Huynh Thanh Canh said that the collective economy, the core of the province's cooperatives, has not met the requirements set out under Resolution No. 13. Most cooperatives are small-scale, with backward facilities. Besides, the new model of cooperatives in the province is not much, building the model of production cooperatives associated with the value chain faces many difficulties; cooperative activities lack cohesion with each other, lack of joint ventures with other economic sectors.
In the coming time, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee requires all levels, sectors and the political system to really join in, determined to enhance the quality and efficiency of the collective economic sector operation. Strive to 2020, there is no form of co-operative and at least 70% of cooperatives operate effectively. Coordinate with relevant departments and agencies to guide the definitive handling of weak and ceased cooperatives. At the same time, directing the building of new types of cooperatives in the agricultural sector, especially in regions with local competitive advantages, fishing and fishing logistics services ...
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